Set in the year 2041, this project visualizes what habitation on Mars would look like.

Habitation on Mars plays an important role not only providing shelter or the minimum necessities for a life on Mars but also introduces technology that will help sustain the human life on Mars. 

The main criteria for the Martian habitation are flexibility, speed and ease of construction.


This project proposes flexibility that is based on fast track 3D construction and at the same time offers the users the choice and flexibility of lifestyle in a context with many constraint and extreme environment.

The project grows incrementally vertically and horizontally with the growth of the population. 


Environmental Details

The project aims to create a system that celebrates the choice of a home that can be singular or plural.

Fixed or everchanging. the experience within each module depends on the martian's living scenario. The simple system of flipping panels is both practical and economical. it aims to utilize maximum number of floors using the panels on the wall within one truncated octahedron unit. Hence, creating different spaces within one unit. ultimately, creates different scenarios anytime throughout someone's lifetime.



Structural Details
Model Photos
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